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January 22, 2007


Ed Scannell

Sorry to hear you are leaving, Irving. Your contributions to IBM will be sorely missed. Your insight, patience, and good humor will be missed by the journalist and analyst communities. I sincerely wish you the best.

Ed Scannell
Redmond Magazine

Tim Dempsey


During my brief stint at IBM back in the Internet Division days, you were an inspiration for your clarity of thought and expression. I discovered your blog a year or so ago and have found it also exemplary. Best of luck as you move on to what I expect will simply be the next above all interesting chapter.

Stephen Perelgut

I'm sorry to hear you're retiring from IBM. I think that the academic community is going to be a big winner from this move, whether you concentrate on MIT or if you use you knowledge and your innate ability to convey your ideas to help direct the rapidly growing IT sectors in China, Russia, India and Brazil.

The best news is that this blog isn't going away. Maybe we'll even see more about baseball and music again.

Hans Suter

I'd love to read of a reason other than age that makes you move on (no "_" yet).

Kathy Williams

Irving, I have watched you participate for many many years in the TT & TTP meetings. You have always added spice, humor and knowledge. I will most certainly miss seeing you there. Many new adventures await you! Enjoy!

Roger Egan

Irving, I just heard you were leaving IBM. The students at MIT are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from you. I hope they take advantage of all that you have to offer them. As a former "professional student" of yours I appretiate all that you have done for me. Thank you !

Andrew Ferrier

Irving, you've inspired generations of IBMers (including myself). Good luck in your retirement.

Makio Yamazaki

I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving. I certainly wish you well in your future endeavors.

Allen Eskelin

Have you considered writing a book about your 37 years with IBM? I would be first in line to buy a copy. Best of luck with your new pursuits.

Mike King

Hi Irving: as one of your former Internet Div. guys, I much enjoyed your sharp wit and humor, appreciated your deep business and technology acumen, learned from your excellent management style, and marvelled at your unique ability to make the complex understandable. May your upcoming retirement be every success you want it to be...and more!


Mr. Wladawsky-Berger,
I have never worked with IBM, directly or indirectly. But I am a great fan of your blogs. They are extremely inspiring. I have learnt a lot through them. I am sure IBM will miss you.
Good luck with your new ventures. And I hope to see your blogs even so. :-)


So long, Irving.
I hope you will keep blogging no matter what you do after the big plunge.

Zhang Ling

Irving, you are a great leader with sharp insight and passion for IBM business. I fortunately gave you a 5 minutes presentation when I was assigned from IBM China to IBM Corporate Technology at Somers in 2004. You may forgot this but I still remember:-)

Yes, you can write a book about your 37 years career with IBM, and don't forget to come to China and "sell" the book at our next town hall meeting.

Grace Scotte

All the best in your future endeavours, Irving. I have always admired your management style and appreciated your guidance. So thank you for sharing your 'connaissances' with us all, and best wishes from Europe !

Frank Gens

Irving - For many years now, you've been the very personification of IBM's longtime motto, "THINK" - with vision always a few steps ahead of the market. Thank you for the many thought-provoking, insightful discussions over the years. Looking forward to hearing much more from you, and collaborating with you, in your next chapter.

Best wishes,
Frank Gens


Hola Irving,

Vamos a extrañar tus visitas en América Latina y el entusiasmo que levantabas con tus charlas en cada una de ellas. El mayor de los éxitos en el mundo académico. Me uno a la solicitud de que escribas un libro, sería genial.

Daniel Gelemovich

Manuel Avalos

Hola Irving,
te extrañaremos en la comunidad tecnica en IBM de Mexico, pero seguro seguiremos en contacto contigo en tu nuevo rol como profesor, donde deseamos tengas un gran éxito.
Esperamos verto pronto por Guadalajara.

Manuel Avalos.


Congratulations ! I am sure you will make your journey as interesting and fruitful as you did with your 37 years at IBM. It has been a pleasure working for you and I will miss you.

Jeff Mason

Irving--congratulations! I enjoyred the opportunity to work with you for at least a dozen of those 37 years. Your ability to communicate very complex topics in very straight forward and interesting ways certainly served IBM very well and I am sure will contribute to your effectiveness and popularity on the college campus and your other endeavers. I look forward to working with you again.

Jennifer Okimoto

Irving - I've been a big fan of your blog. I look forward to reading your views about how the world of business and technology is changing and how those changes impact people. In the work I do to help people prepare for those changes, I frequently cite your blog. As an IBMer, I'm sorry to hear that you're retiring. As a fan, I look forward to reading many future blog postings!


Today I attended a celebration of the life of a 37 year old man, for him 37 years was an entire lifetime, but for you Irvin, 37 years has indeed been a blessing. We live in age where we take for granted the gifts we are given, an age of short-term thinking and fickle friendships, an age of instant messages and constant outsourcing. You are one of the fortunate ones who has survived the ramshackle pace of an existence that for most now flies by at warp speed, as it did for my departed friend. The secrets of your longevity are the very secrets our society must rediscover. You have the gracious fortune of slowing down time just enough to celebrate a meaningful career. I can only wish such a career for everyone in an age where careers are as fast and as unpredictable as the chronological consumption of a blog; but I can congratulate you on your achievement - for in our blindingly fast age, there are two growing rare feats, a long and happy marriage and a long and illustrious career. In that regard I congratulate you all the more and with my humblest regard.

Michael Sosnowski

I feel better now knowing that you will be closer to my doorstep at MIT.
It continues to be a distinct privliage to know and to follow a personage such as yourself through this moment in time, as the performance of IT Technology and Business on the Global stage unfolds.
'Simplicity is the nature of great souls'... Henry David Thoreau

Ricardo Sametband

Dr WB: Congratulations, I suppose, although I'll miss one of my favourite tech interviewees ever. I've enjoyed very much all the times we've met in Argentina.
I hope this will allow you to dedicate more time to your blog, when you decide you've rested enough!

Ricardo Sametband
La Nación newspaper
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dvir Reznik

Although we work at the same organization, we haven't met - you reside at the US and I in Israel. Nevertheless, the Internet, a medium you so admire, allowed us to connect and know each other. Your thoughts and ideas on Internet, web 2.0, innovation and how we integrate all of the above into our corporation was truly an inspiration.

I wish you all the best in the new path you have chosen, and hope to meet you in the near future, either in Israel or the US.

Anand Narayanan


Wishing you all the very best in your post IBM era. We from IBM technical community are going to miss the visionary in you for sure.

Saravanan Thangadurai

Dear Irving,

Very happy to know that you are retiring from IBM , now you can able to spare more time on blogging, socio/economic and educational activities... .. you can inspire like me people by applying your thoughts on human development with the international outlook..
Yes, now you can think across border both Nation & Corporates.

Best Wishes
Saravanan Thangadurai PMP

Michael Zak

Thank you for an interesting article, which the NAM's blog linked to at http://blog.nam.org/archives/business_blog_r.


Michael Zak

Thank you for an interesting article, which the NAM's blog linked to at http://blog.nam.org/archives/business_blog_r

Tomoaki Sawada

Irving, thanks for your outstanding articles over years. I enjoyed that we have invited you as a keynote speaker at IBM Japan's 1st e-business fair. I wish you all the best as you move on to next endeavor.

James Drogan

Years ago, during my career in IBM, my manager suggested the role I should play in the company was that of world walker. Moving around the globe, I would observe what was happening, analyze and come to conclusions as to the opportunities available to IBM and its customers, and make recommendations.

I didn't get to do that, but you did. All who have followed your blog or attended sessions at the Westport Public Library have benefited from your walks about the world.

My hope is that you will continue your observations, continue to open our minds to the potential.

Thank you for what your have and will pass on to us.


Dan Reed


Someone once asked me who in the corporate world I would most want to be. Without a second's hesitation, I said Irving Wladawsky-Berger. It is a privilege to count you as a friend. -- Dan

David Nelson

I just read that you are retiring. I enjoyed working with you when I was in Gov't (DOE, NASA, White House.) Your work promoting supercomputing and the Internet, plus your service on PITAC, were all exemplary.

I have also retired. Perhaps we will see each other on some committee or platform.

Chuck Brownstein

Congradulations on your impending retirement.

I hope that you find ways to continue your very positive impacts on the IT R&D scene -and on the people involved.


Anne MacFarland

You have always been a great explcator for the philosophy and theory behind IBM's technology strategies, and have been helpful in more ways than I can enumerate. I am glad you will continue your blog.

Charles King

I just learned that you are retiring but was heartened to hear that you will remain involved with IBM and the IT industry. Your contributions to the company's success are obvious, but may be eclipsed by your ability to communicate the benefits and opportunities of technology in human terms. I wish you all the best in the next stage of your life and look forward to reading all about it in your blog.

Manuel Monserrate


I had the wonderful opportunity to sit on a Round-table discussion with you yesterday (RTP HDNG), and am really glad I got the chance to also hear your thoughts today on the way technology is changing, and the impact IBM's strategy can have on the way we live in the present and future.

Le quiero agradecer todo el trabajo que ha hecho para servir como modelo para otros hispanos como yo, jóvenes y con mucho deseo de formar parte de algo que tenga un impacto real y bueno en nuestra sociedad, y en nuestro futuro. Le deseo lo mejor en su retiro de IBM.

Espero poder seguir leyendo artículos en su blog, y que sus ideas y contribuciones sigan teniendo el impacto positivo que tienen hoy día en nuestra cultura.

Hasta luego...

Takanori Seki


When I had a chance to meet you to present our business proposal, one IBM US executive told me before that, "Irving does not have money, but truly influencial". I can say right now you have been dreadfully influenctial to both business and technology beyond IBM and beyond US. You have also inspired us how to approach emerging technologies in business. I feel very proud to be a part of your initiative. I hope you can reach Japan more often than before.


I would like to add my congratulations on your upcoming retirement . I assure you there is life after IBM.I wish you joy in the future.



Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Would rather look it as a boon for students of innovation and strategy rather than a loss for a corporate.

I am requesting you to spend some time in INDIA on your latest thinking / seminars as you do at MIT. That will really help a lot of people in the other world.

cedric tyler

Irving, please checkout a new book from John Wiley, "Business Genetics" - 2007


This resonates strongly with your Gartner keynote.


Juan Garzon

Dr Irving,
Fue un gran placer haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerle durante su visita en la ciudad de Poughkeepsie, New York hace unos cuantos a#os atras. Mis mejores exitos y deseos de buena salud. Eres para la comunidad latinoamericana una gran inspiracion. Gracias por contribuir e inovar en diferentes campos en el ambito technologico durante estos largos y seguro, increibles a#os. Te extra#aremos.

Juan Garzon

Rehan Asad

Dr. Irving,

The students at SLOAN School & School of Engineering of MIT are eagering waiting to have the honor to have You as our visiting fellow professor.

I am simply astonished - reading through your blog's and the comments from your year long IBM collegues.

Looking forward to see you soon and opportunity to attend your class.



Shemale Canada Eros

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Thanks for sharing this interesting experience.

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