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December 26, 2005


makio yamazaki

Thomas L.Frisedman wrote "The World is Flat." That is "Globalization 3.0". "Experience" creates a new value. Moreover people tend to collect informations actively. And these actions are almost patterned in a sense. they accumulates individual knowledge and changes it into wisdom. Second Individual wisdom is shared by more persons, and will induce the derivation effect to intermittence further. Then people are considered to use these informations for something effectively purposes. Peter Drucker had proposed the way the knowledge worker in a information organization. There would be necessities of IT in case of the new knowledge management on the basis of Blog and new tools, I mean.

Jeremiah Owyang

Irving, you encapsulate the blogging experience very well, thank you for this post it was inspirational.


I am delighted that someone else has become!

Steve Mandzik

Irving - this is truly an inspirational post for me. It puts a lot of the IT currents into perspective.

Still, I am confused. Calling it the "cloud", as seems to be the popular term, confuses me. Isn't it just the internet?

After all the internet was always a series of computers being connected. Now its just becoming more specialized, massive, and "lifting off".

Could you explain how the cloud is different from the internet?

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