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November 15, 2005


Simon G

The times remind me of the pre-bubble days as well. People leaving established companies and going to start-ups (Web 2.0 this time). And pundits predicting the demise of the established vendors as the news ones will out-manoevre them.

José Luis Iribarren


you make a very good point when you say much is going on in the area of Social Networking. However, e-Marketing is rarely mentioned in connection with Social Networking. This is rather surprising because viral marketing, or buzz, in its different embodiments one of the oldest marketing and promotion vehicles is based on leveraging social relationships.

Thus, I have been working on Social Networking applications to the improvement of viral marketing tools and process, with the result of the following IBM Patent deposited. Check it at http://w3.ibm.com/news/w3news/top_stories/2005/04/emea_innovators_joseluis.html

So, while you may remember my Olympic Web Sites enthusiasm, these pre-bubble days are over. From my current perspective, Social Networking methodologies in e-Marketing are all but overhyped.


Did you know that IBM Consulting Group / Global Services was one of the first major corporations to apply social networks and social network analysis to business issues?


Craig Newmark

Good to see you online, though I'm not sure we're any more of a social network than a flea market. Others should get the credit for the heavy lifting.


Craig (17 years at IBM)
[email protected]

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