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July 30, 2005


Mike Wing

This is a very resonant idea, Irving -- the linkage of baseball and broken hearts. There is something inherently mournful and retrospective about baseball. You see it in the attenuation of the game itself, and of a whole season. Basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc. -- all other sports are far more immediate, intense. They concentrate action and emotion and possibility in the present moment, and then they're over. When Michael Jordan made some physically impossible move through the air to the basket, he was instantiating "the present" in a way no one ever forgets. With baseball, in contrast, with very few exceptions (say, "The Catch"), what one remembers is the reaction to an event, its aftermath, the celebration. Nobody ever said "Wait till next year" about an NBA team -- or felt the sadness, the longing, even the stoic crankiness that that phrase expresses.

Vincenzo Graziano

I know a lot about crying for a team. I support Napoli football team. I don’t know if you follow Italian football but we are not doing very well as team. I remember when Diego Armando Maradona played for Napoli. Watching him was just great. What a player, what memories. Soon or later we all cry for a team. But we never stop supporting it. Do we?

Bob Sacco

Baseball summer "pastime": How many sports can be considered a pastime in the fast paced era? Are there any other pastimes left?
As a lifelong Red Sox fan I can relate to Irving's experiences. We always have this feeling that the bottom will fall out. After 1986 who could blame us. I heard Wade Boggs say that it took the WS win in 1996 to wipe away his pain from 1986. Yet last year we prevailed...finally! What a relief. The reaction of people in Boston is almost mystical...not just celebration, a form of reconciliation...people cheered and cried, many even decorated grave sites with red sox memorabilia. We still cant believe it.
In our family barely a game is missed, mom's, dad's, grandparents, it becomes part of the fabric of summer. The game becomes a background to everything, a lazy evening on the porch with guests, while eating, on the beach, car...often heard after 30 minutes..."anyone know what the score is?" Perfect, no screaming and yelling (until the ALCS), the season is long ..no one game is do or die until Sep. There is always hope...and when the Evil Empire prevails...there's always "wait until next year".
Baseball is a part of our lives.

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